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Color Correction Service

Photography is a form of art. The colors captured in a photograph need to be just right. Unfortunately, sometimes your camera settings are off, or you have an incorrect white balance setting. For this reason, every photographer needs color correction service from time to time, but not everyone knows how to do it themselves.

If you're searching for experts who can help with photo color correction, look no further than Cut Out Expert. We offer professional photography services at low rates, and we'd love to help keep your photos looking perfect!

What Is Photo Color Correction?

"Color correction is a process used to improve the color and tone of your photos. Professional editors do this by adjusting hue, saturation, brightness levels and applying other editing skills to fix problems with skin tones or other colors."

"It's important that you only use professionals for photo color correction services because they know how to adjust these settings, so they don't make the photo look unnatural. For example, if someone has red-eye from their flash going off in their face when taking a picture, it would be best not to set the adjustment on hue alone."

By removing yellow tones from the skin, adjusting skin tone, adding warmth to blacks and whites, or changing the hue of colors in the photo, you can dramatically alter your imagery. Finally, after editing, it should look natural. If your colors aren't correct, it won't be disappointing you only; it may even affect how someone perceives what they see in their mind's eye.

Jewelry Color Correction Service For Photographers and Retailers

Is your jewelry too yellow? Too blue? Is it so dark you can't even see the diamonds or is the gold so muted it looks like a blackened bronze? We offer color correction services to make sure that your jewelry shines as brightly as possible.

Jewelry color correction is important for any jewelry store to have. Whether you are selling engagement rings, trinkets, or earrings, the colors should match up perfectly.

If they do not match, it will be very obvious that the pieces are mismatched, and this will make your customer feel as though they were cheated out of their money.

By making sure all of your jewelry has been properly color corrected by a professional jewelry photo editing service provider, you can ensure that all of your customers leave satisfied with what they purchased from you.

Our photo color correction team will remove any tarnish or discoloration, giving off a brighter shine than what was originally there when it came in from the manufacturer.

In addition, it removes all dirt and dust particles, so you don't have to worry about anything being left behind once it's done!

Model Photography Color Correction

Model photography is an essential part of your marketing strategy and can make or break your business. With that in mind, it's important to take advantage of color correction services for photography to ensure that you are getting the best possible photos for your website and social media platforms.

The process of color correction is about adjusting colors for evenness in an image. The reason you would want to do this is so everything matches up nicely.

It also helps with any imperfections in the lighting or other factors which could lead to a less than perfect photo. With just a few adjustments, you'll have professional-looking pictures without having to spend thousands on going pro!

Our expert team will do everything to make it amazing photos. We will apply photo retouching and background removal techniques also; if the photo demands while color correcting. Finally, you will get life-like images.

Product Photography Color Correction

When you are selling products online, good product photos are of the utmost importance. This is because customers can't physically see or touch your items before they buy them. It is up to you to show them what they're getting, and great product photography will do just that.

It is almost impossible to capture each color of product photos and make them amazing look applying photo editing skills. It is very time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive work.

Editors like cut-out experts make it smooth for you. They can change product colors as per your demand using software like Photoshop and lightroom. Moreover, we offer complete eCommerce photo editing solutions for our clients. It saves both your time and money. The prices for this work are very affordable.

Finally, it relieves you from the pain of capturing each product's photos individually. You need to send formal requirements to us, and we will do the rest works for your images. You can increase your store sales double using these image editing techniques.

Wedding photography color correction

Wedding Photo Color Correction

A wedding photo is meant to be cherished for a lifetime, but it is a very much crowdy day. So, it is tough for photographers to capture perfect-looking photos each time. But, we understand it very much.

We help photographers with culling wedding photos and providing color correction services also. Our wedding photo color correction service includes

  • background removal
  • add or remove elements
  • Advanced photo retouching
  • Photo color correction and more

If you need only culling service, we can also help you. Our pricing is very much affordable. Check out our complete wedding photo editing service for photographers.

Wedding photos can easily become faded and discolored with time. Luckily, there are ways you can color correct your photos to breathe new life into them! We can fix the colors in your wedding photos, so they stand out just like they did on the big day. So, if you're ready to take an important step toward preserving these memories, then keep scrolling down!

Color Correction Service

Black and White Photo Colorization

Black and white photos are beautiful on their own, but some things like skin tone or clothing fabrics look better in color. It could be your old family portraits photographs or historical images. We know how important it is for you!


The process of turning a black and white photo into a colored one is called photo colorization. You can do it using automated software, but the most accurate way is manual colorization. And we always focus on manual image  editing service. Our team members work hard to satisfy each client by delivering their best service. 


Creating your custom painting from scratch requires digital editing skills. If you don't have these skills, you can send in your old photos to us, so our team will transform them for you.

Photo Exposure and Color Correction

Photography is an art that relies on exposure. Exposure is defined as the amount of light that strikes a surface when a photograph is taken. It is controlled by opening and closing the shutter, allowing more or less light to be captured on film. 

Due to some reasons, photographs can be underexposed or overexposed. It looks like very poor-quality images that may ruin your photography career. However, using photo color correction services, you can easily fix the issues.

You can do it yourself, but it will be better to hire professional photo editing service provider to fix the issues. Our team is very much experienced in image color correction services. And, the prices of our service are very much affordable for anyone. Send us your overexposed or underexposed photos and see the magic after a few hours. 

Who Needs Photo Color Correction Services?

Generally, photographers are the main beneficiary of photo color correction services. After having all preparation, photographs may be overexposed or underexposed. It is beyond under control of photographers.

To fix the issue, they need to correct colors manually with editing software. Moreover, the lighting effect may damage photographs. They also need to fix the issues.


With photographers, eCommerce store owners also need this service. It is much costly to capture each color of product photos. So, product photo editing like re-coloring product images help them save lots of money and time also.


However, general people also need image color correction, especially for their old, vintage photos. Every person has old memories captured in photos. To preserve it for more days, they need to restore photos with color correction.


leave your photo color correction to experts

When you are looking to have the color of your photos corrected, you must choose the best company for the job. It means choosing a photo color correction service with an expert team of technicians who know how to get great results quickly and easily.

At Cut Out Expert, we provide this type of photo color correction service every day. We use professional-grade equipment and techniques, so our clients always get outstanding results in just one visit! 

Since 2010, We have been providing color correction services to many different industries and businesses. Check out some of our before-and-after photos on the portfolio.

We deliver the best results within a few hours. If you need help today, contact our support team. We look forward to hearing from you! Here are some reasons to outsource photo editing services from cut out expert

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • 24hour customer support
  • professional editing team

Some Freequent Asked Qestions about our color correction service

Color correction refers to adjusting the color balance in the photographs. Editors use this technique to fix lighting, contrast, and exposure problems during shooting or later on during editing. However, Color correction is an essential tool for any filmmaker because it makes sure their work looks as good as possible before sharing it with others.

It is possible to do image color correction at home. But, the outcome result will depend on how experienced you are in photo editing! If you know well of using photo editing programs and have time to spend doing this, you can do it at home. However, we don't suggest anyone do it at home. The reason is very straightforward.

  • It may affect your profession as it is time-consuming.
  • You can outsource it at very cheap pricing. So, why will you waste your time?
  • You will get satisfaction-guaranteed service.

So, if you have enough time without affecting your profession and have well knowledge in photo editing, you can do it at home. Otherwise, it will be better to outsource image color correction services.

Color correction is adjusting the white balance, brightness, contrast, mid-tones, and shadows in an image to make it appear natural while taking out any unnatural colors.

However, color grading goes beyond simple color correction by altering the mood of an image by adding specific colors or darkening others to get rid of "dead pixels" on video displays. The result should match your artistic vision for how you want your audience to feel.

Yes, We provide up to 40% discount. Please, check our discount policy or message us to know more about it.

Our base color correction price starts at $.90. Depending on the image, prices may increase. So, it will be better to send us an image first to know the service cost.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. Our team works hard to satisfy each client. However, if you are not satisfied, our team will work again on the photos without any extra charge. However, opportunities are very low if you send us instructions accurately.

Your image is 100% safe and secured.

Send us your images to get accurate prices with some examples of the style you are looking for. If possible also mark out the fixed areas that would be better for understanding. You can upload any format files with detailed instructions and our expert team will get in touch with you within one hour.