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Best jewelry photo editing service

Think about your favorite piece of jewelry. Now, imagine it without the scratches and blemishes that have accumulated over time. That's what jewelry retouching services can do for you - it can restore your pieces to their former glory, making them look new again. Whether you're a retailer looking to offer your customers the best possible product, or a photographer trying to send your clients amazing jewelry photos, photo retouching service is an essential  in your arsenal.

It helps make up for the flaws in an image, such as scratches and discoloration, making it more appealing and marketable. When you're looking at images of jewelry online or in magazines, you'll notice that many of them have been professionally retouched. It ensures that they are high-quality and presentable to potential buyers.

At cut out Expert, we ensure high-quality jewelry retouching services for making your images more attractive. We are 24hours open. You can reach us any time. For becoming your satisfaction, we offer two completely free retouching for your project that may give you the confidence to send us the project.

What is jewelry retouching?

 Jewelry retouching is a process in which jewelry is edited to remove flaws, add jewelry, change jewelry color, and many other things. This process can be completed digitally using Photoshop or using photoshop elements. It might sound simple, but the truth of the matter is that it isn't something that an amateur can do on their own.Therefore, jewelry retouching is a delicate craft that requires expertise to create jewelry photography so jewelry can look flawless and perfect without looking fake.

Why You Need Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching service is not always the first thing that comes to our minds when capturing jewelry photos. But, Jewelry pictures have to be retouched for them to look professional and appealing.

Therefore, Jewelry picture editing does more than just remove imperfections from a photo; it can also enhance Jewelry images and make them stand out creatively. It works as a complete image retouching service.

Moreover, Jewelry editing is what it takes to replace the missing details and bring jewelry photos back into their former glory. By taking advantage of Jewelry retouching, you can restore jewelry that has lost the luster and shine of your jewelry photos.

In addition, Jewelry retouching services will also enhance jewelry and make it appear more vivid and attractive. However, jewelry photo editing can be done by either a photo editing expert or a Jewelry editing software with an experienced hand.

Therefore, Jewelry Retouching Service is something that you should not ignore because it will change the whole image of your Jewelry merchandise in the eyes of your customers.

Jewelry pictures have to be Jewelry Retouching Service because they can make jewelry look much better and help it sell faster.


  • I'm extremely impressed by the turnover speed and quality of the work. I've been let down by so many editors over the years because I am a photo editor/photographer as well, so my expectations are higher than most. Very grateful to have found you!
    Weston Boucher | United States
  • Really great work. First time I've used their service and could not be more pleased. Had a large last-minute project come through and the turnaround was less than 24 hours and the images looked great. Will definitely be using it again.
    Rux Creative | United Kingdom
  • I had a very urgent need for Background removals and was very pleased, to receive a great work in a short time.
    Palindrom GmbH | Switzerland

Our Jewelry Photo Editing Service

Our Jewelry Photo Retouching Services helps Jewelers to enhance their Jewelry photography and bring jewelry back to life. Through our Jewelry photo editing service, we can do the following:

Dust/Reflection Removal

Adding dust, scratches, and unwanted reflection with jewelry photos is a common problem photographer faces while capturing. It may ruin your business completely, especially when you are selling an expensive product like jewelry. At COE, we fix the issues and make your images stand out. Our retoucher team will work at the edge level to detect the problem, and after polishing, you will get a ready-to-use image for your website or marketing campaigns.

Mannequin Removal

Taking advantage of mannequins while capturing photography is a trend now. But, in the end, you should remove it from your image. Otherwise, it may create disturbance your customer attention to the product. By using the ghost mannequin service, it is very easy to remove it from the image. However, at Cut Out Expert, we will remove the background and mannequin from your jewelry photography and bring your jewelry in the limelight.

Color correction and Re-coloring elements

Your jewelry photos may be overexposed or underexposed at the time of photo shooting. Sometimes, it may be beyond under control of the photographer after taking all proper steps. But, don't worry. We can fix the issues by adjusting brightness, contrast and applying other color correction techniques. Our team will balance the coloring of your photos, and the final images will look very natural. In addition, we also re-color jewelry product photos as per your requirements.

Jewelry color correction

Metal Smoothing

Jewelry metal smoothing is a process that takes place when you polish your jewelry or silverware. It removes scratches and nicks in the metal, which can reduce the shine of the piece. The way to determine if this service is needed is by taking a close look at your jewelry and seeing if there are any dark spots on it. If so, then it's time for polishing!

It is not an easy editing task. Editors need patience, time, and skill to do this perfectly. However, our photo retouching experts can make your jewelry photos a flawless look by metal smoothing.

Shine Enhancement

Shine enhancement is a technique used in jewelry photography to enhance the shine of a gemstone. It's often achieved through photo editing software such as Photoshop, but it can also be accomplished by adjusting the lighting or using props to reflect light back into the stone from other angles. Shine enhancement should never be done near an edge that has been enhanced because this will cause unnatural-looking glares and reflections on those edges.

If editors can do it perfectly, the final image will be appealing. At Cut Out Expert, we provide the shine enhancement service for jewelry retailers, photographers, and others who need this amazing service.

shadow and mirror effect

Drop shadow is a digital effect used to make an object appear as though it's floating above the surface. The mirror effect, also called reflection or glare, gives the impression of light reflecting off of an object.

For adding drop shadow and mirror effect of your jewelry images don't need over-editing. But, you can create a big difference between the product images rather than before.

We use photoshop tools for applying shadow creation effect on jewelry images. Your images will look attractive after completing our editing.

Creative Jewelry Editing

Creative edits are often used on jewelry photos because they are small items where every detail matters. Creative edits allow you to highlight nuances like color, texture, size, and shape without making other aspects like scratches or tarnish stand out too much.

It is the process of enhancing your photographs to make them look more professional and appealing. Creative jewelry photography editing requires an experienced editor who has well-knowledge of color balance and post-production techniques. At Cut Out expert, our editing team has this skill and ensures creating high-quality images without any hassles or much cost.

our working process


Send us your files and requirements, We will get back to you within 30 minutes with you cost and delivery time.

2. Working & Editing

After your green light to move forward with your project, We will edit your all files according to your requirments.

3. Deliver & PAYMENT

After final editing we will deliver with the required file format. If you are satisfy then approved my payment. If any changes needed, will be done.

How Jewelry photo editing can help to make image attractive

Jewelry photo editing is the process of enhancing and transforming a photograph to make it more attractive.  You can apply several jewelry photo editing techniques, such as adding or removing something from an image, high-end photo retouching, photo manipulation, background removal, and more to get the best quality images. We share some editing techniques using jewelry photo editing to improve your images.  Let's get started!

Dust, Scratch Clean

Dust and Scratch Cleaning is an important part of the jewelry-cleaning process. It is necessary to clean gold, silver, platinum, brass, and copper jewelry photographs that can be contaminated with dust and scratch. It may ruin your business and create negative feedback on the brand's reputation. While selling costly items like jewelry, product images must have to be well-cleaned and attractive.

Diamond Polishing

"Diamond polishing is an important factor in the jewelry photography process. "Losing the luster of diamonds during photography will result in them looking dull and unappealing when displayed online or on store shelves. It is crucial to make sure your diamond's polish matches with what you want it to look like before taking photos." It is not an easy task. Only expert photo editors can do it perfectly.

Remove Background

Who loves to see the unwanted background of photos? Especially when you sell any product online, your aim should be clear, focusing buyers on product image rather than its background. You may dramatically increase your sales by removing the unwanted background. When buyers come to the website, their only attention will be seeing the photos, and if they are satisfied with it, they will place the order.


shadow creation

To make a jewelry photo look as good as possible, creating a shadow behind the product is important. It will help draw attention and focus on the jewelry instead of any distractions in the background. Creating shadows is also an effective way to highlight certain parts of your product, such as high points or curves. You can create shadows using natural light, flashlights, or even photo editing software. If your photos are missing shadows, then expert editors can create this. 



Re-coloring photos

Re-coloring will work best if you sell multi-color jewelry on your website. It is time-consuming and costly to capture each color of a jewelry photo. However, taking advantage of photo editing skills, you can do it very easily without capturing photos. In addition, it enables you to increase sales as product variations are great ways of increasing sales.

Photo enhancement

Photo enhancement allows you to modify your jewelry images and give them an attractive look. The goal of photo enhancement is to show your images more stunning way. The process includes many different factors like dust and scratches removal, repainting shine on metal, color correction of photos, mannequin removal, high-end retouching, and more. Editors need creative editing skills to make it a great look. If you do it correctly, it will draw the buyer's attention.

Color Correction

The color of your jewelry can have a huge effect on the way it is perceived. If you are not careful, what you wear could be taken as offensive or inappropriate. Luckily, there are easy ways to avoid these mistakes and ensure that you create the best first impression possible. By using this photo editing technique, you can easily give your image an aesthetic look.

Bulk Discount for Permanent Customer

15% OFF

This discount will apply who order from 50-300 product pictures per 1 order.

30% OFF

This discount for all E-commerce photo editing services during a month who orders from 300-1000 product pictures per 1 order.

40% OFF

This discount for all E-commerce photo editing service during a month who orders from 1000-5000 product pictures per 1 order.

How We Edit Your Jewelry Photos

The visual appealing of jewelry photography is key to increasing sales and brand recognition. Photos are a powerful tool for catching customers' attention and encouraging them to buy something they might not have considered at first glance.

When we edit jewelry photos, however, there are some things we need to keep in mind so that your finished product reflects well on both yourself and your business.

We follow five steps of editing jewelry photos that can help make sure the final result looks great without compromising too much on quality or price.

Photo Cleaning

Our jewelry photo editing starts with cleaning the photos. We will remove any unwanted marks or dust on the photo and allow for more creative edits later. For background removal, we apply photo clipping techniques for jewelry images. In the first step, we clean the image and fix the placement of photographs that will easily draw buyers' attention.

Base Level adjustments

The next step is adjusting the colors in the picture. We adjust colors by adding or removing saturation, changing hue values, applying filters like Sharpen More until it looks perfect! Here, our goal is to amplify the beauty of photographs.

Digital Masking

In the third step, our aim is to enhance the beautification of the photographs. Here, we apply various photo retouching techniques to make amazing photos.

Final Adjustments

The last step is all about the revision of the work. After completing the retouching, our production controller will revise the work. If they satisfy, the image will send to you for your feedback. Our aim is to satisfy each client. If you have any suggestions or want to see some changes with editing photos, we will do it.

Benefits of Outsourcing Jewelry Retouching Service

Outsourcing jewelry retouching service is a great option for online retailers.  Retailers can focus on their business while the photo retoucher focuses on taking high-quality photos of your products. However, outsourcing also ensures you are getting the best price and quality because it allows you to deal with the best photo editing company for your business.

Benefits of outsourcing jewelry photo editing service:

  • Focus on other aspects of your business
  • Get better pricing and higher quality -
  • Delegate time-consuming tasks to someone else
  • Less stress and more free time
  • Time-saving
  • Cost savings

leave your Jewelry Photo Editing service to photo editing experts

For all the jewelry retailers out there, a well-edited photo is a must. Online shoppers judge quickly, and if your photos aren't up to par, they'll move on to another retailer who can provide them with better pictures. This is why Cut Out Expert is the best for jewelry photo editing service.

Cut Out Expert is a company that provides professional photo editing service for jewelry retailers. When you want to showcase your products online, you need high-quality images, and Cut Out Expert can help make those happen. We specialize in jewelry retouching and providing the best photo editing services to their clients. Some of their specialties include: enhancing colors, adjusting shadows and highlights, removing backgrounds, cropping photos, and more!

In addition, we offer affordable pricing options as well as discounts for repeat customers. Our retouching team also offers unlimited revisions on any given project. It ensures that you'll be satisfied with the final result every time!

Moreover, we have 24/7 customer support, so if you ever need anything, give us a call or send an email message anytime. Before leaving, you may send us two of your jewelry photos; we will send you edited images following your requirements. Of course, you don't need to pay any money for the editing.

Jewelry Photo Retouching and editing service

Send us your images to get accurate prices with some examples of the style you are looking for. If possible also mark out the fixed areas that would be better for understanding. You can upload any format files with detailed instructions and our expert team will get in touch with you within one hour.