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Best Photoshop Masking Services

Image masking services holds one of the most important steps in image background removing. Therefore, photo masking lets you take control over what parts of your image are visible and which ones are obscured. You can use masks to remove unwanted objects, protect text or other graphics, and adjust contrast, change colors, and more! However, photoshop masking services is an alternative way of clipping path services which is very popular for background removal.

However, it removes certain areas of an image to allow for a different background or foreground. You can use this technique in many ways, like creating composite images and separating people from backgrounds.

If you're looking for an online service to help masking pictures, then look no further than our company! Our team will work closely with you until your desired result is achieved.

Photoshop image masking isn't just something we do—it's what we love! We pride ourselves on offering high-quality image masking services at affordable prices so that you never have to worry about breaking the bank when it comes time to invest in us!

What Is Photoshop Masking Services?

Photoshop Masking Services is a professional service that can be used to create high-quality photo masks. The process of Photoshop Image Masking Service starts by taking the customer's image and adding an alpha channel, which will become the mask.

Next, the customer selects their desired shape or object for the mask. Once this step has been completed, they can take their new photo with their chosen object in it and use it as they please!

The advantages of Photoshop Masking Services include:

  • Flexibility.
  • The ability to edit photos after you've masked them (rather than editing before).
  • Cost-effective pricing.


  • I'm extremely impressed by the turnover speed and quality of the work. I've been let down by so many editors over the years because I am a photo editor/photographer as well, so my expectations are higher than most. Very grateful to have found you!
    Weston Boucher | United States
  • Really great work. First time I've used their service and could not be more pleased. Had a large last-minute project come through and the turnaround was less than 24 hours and the images looked great. Will definitely be using it again.
    Rux Creative | United Kingdom
  • I had a very urgent need for Background removals and was very pleased, to receive a great work in a short time.
    Palindrom GmbH | Switzerland

Types of Photoshop Image Masking Service

Photo masking has many categories; each category may use for different purposes. In addition, of course, prices may vary for each image masking service. In below, we share some categories of photoshop masking services that we offer our clients

Layer Masking

Layer masking is a technique in Adobe Photoshop used to show or hide parts of an image selectively. It gives editors more flexibility in editing. However, it is useful for image composition, photo background removal, and cutting objects from pictures for using it in other documents. Using layer mask, you have finer control over what areas are visible or not within an edit.

Alpha Channel Masking

We use it for isolating objects from their background. Though it looks similar to layer masking, it is different from layer masking. It works well in single-colored background photos. Moreover, its file size is lighter than others. Editors can easily work on brightness, contrast, exposure, and background change using the alpha channel.

Hair and Fur Masking

It is another great photoshop masking service. When images contain hair and fur, for isolating background, it works well. However, clipping path techniques won't work well in soft edges of images. With masking techniques, editors need to isolate subjects from their backgrounds. However, if you need hair color correction, adjusting brightness and contrast, our team can work on it confidently.

Refine Edge Masking

Refine edge masking is another excellent image masking service technique that we apply on a soft and smooth edge. After selecting the edge with the pen tool or selection tool, we create a layer mask. Then, we refine the edge mask modifying layer mask. It enables the editor to create photos more naturally. Photos like fur, hair, blanket, and dolls are examples of applying refine edge masking.

Transparent Image Masking Service

While objects have 0%-5% opacity, we apply transparent photo masking service techniques to see elements in the background. It allows you to see backgrounds, colors through the objects. On the contrary, we also use transparent photo masking for removing the backgrounds also. In maximum cases, when objects contain glasses, bottles, pure water, etc., we use this non-destructive technique for removing the background. Additionally, we keep your original photo colors. Finally, it looks more natural.

Translucent Masking

The big difference between transparent and translucent image masking services is the visibility of the backgrounds through objects. It enables you to see the backgrounds partially through the objects. Generally, objects that have over 5% opacity are eligible for translucent photo masking service. Objects like glasses, frosted glass & paper, plastic bottles, bridal veils are examples of translucent masking. 

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2. Working & Editing

After your green light to move forward with your project, We will edit your all files according to your requirments.

3. Deliver & PAYMENT

After final editing we will deliver with the required file format. If you are satisfy then approved my payment. If any changes needed, will be done.

When Need Professional Image Masking Service?

When dealing with professional images, it is important to ensure that the image you are using looks as good as possible. Many different types of masks can be used on an image, and they all have their benefits depending on what you need them for. 


Generally, to remove background from an image, we apply adobe photoshop image masking techniques. However, in some cases, while we need to visible backgrounds through objects, we may use masking service. But, it is infrequent in nature.


In maximum cases, we use it for background removal purposes. We first analyze the objects while isolating background from images because there are two popular ways of removing the background. Firstly, clipping path technique which is the most famous for deleting the background of an image. Secondly, photoshop masking service is also required for background removal, especially when objects contain soft and smooth edges. 


Sometimes, the editor may need to use both techniques in a single image for unwanted object removal from an image. Undoubtedly, an image masking service is required for removing image backgrounds. 

When you should not use photoshop masking services

Masking pictures removes pixels from one area in a photo and replaces them with other areas. This can be helpful when you want to remove an object or person that does not fit into your picture or change the picture's background, but it can also cause problems if you are not careful.

However, in some cases masking pictures might fail and don't bring great outcomes. So, always remember this before hiring someone for photoshop masking services.

  • Photos containing hard, sharp edges aren't perfect for photo masking. Photo clipping is the best way to work on these edges.
  • When your images hold the same color in the background and foreground

In these cases, if your editor suggests you apply a photo masking service on images, you can avoid it. From our professional experiences, it never brings satisfactory outcomes.

Bulk Discount for Permanent Customer

15% OFF

This discount will apply who order from 50-300 product pictures per 1 order.

30% OFF

This discount for all E-commerce photo editing services during a month who orders from 300-1000 product pictures per 1 order.

40% OFF

This discount for all E-commerce photo editing service during a month who orders from 1000-5000 product pictures per 1 order.

Benefits of Outsourcing Image Masking Service

If you are an artist or a businessman, you may know the importance of having a well-done and professional image. When it comes to masking services, outsourcing image editing services can be a wise decision since many benefits come with this option. 


First off, when you outsource your image masking service needs to someone else, they will do all the work for you from start to finish which means less time spent doing tedious tasks. Secondly, outsourcing also saves money because their rates will be much lower than hiring an in-house employee would cost. Thirdly, by not performing these duties yourself means that you have more time for other things – like growing your business even further!


Therefore, many people are still unaware of the benefits of outsourcing image masking service to their business. Outsourcing means you don’t have to worry about your employees not having the skills needed to handle this type of work, or if they will be able to meet deadlines.  


Your budget for hiring an in-house team is also cut down significantly when using a professional outsourcing company. There are many reasons why it makes sense for businesses and individuals alike to outsource services like image masking, but most importantly it offers peace of mind. So with all these advantages, what are you waiting for? It might be time for you too start looking into outsourcing!


Leave Your Photoshop Masking Services to Experts

Cut Out Expert is an industry-leading photo editing company that has provided photoshop masking services for over 10 years with clients' satisfaction. In addition, we have a great team of photo editing artists who can seamlessly remove the background of your image, leaving it ready for use in another project.

  • Manual Editing
  • Careful attention to details
  • Fast delivery

Photo editing is our passion. So, we set a high-skilled photo editing team for each area. For providing complete satisfaction in background removal services, we selected two individual units.

The first one is to take care of only the hard edges of images. By doing this, we maintain high-quality clipping path  for photographs. The second team works on masking pictures that are required for smooth edges.

Cut Out Expert is the only place to go when you're looking for photoshop masking services from an expert. Whether it's a photo of your favorite celebrity, a picture from your wedding day, or product photos for your online stores.

We have the tools and experience needed to make sure it looks perfect when you receive it back! We know how important this type of work is to our customers, so we always take every precaution possible before sending any orders out.

photoshop masking service

Send us your images to get accurate prices with some examples of the style you are looking for. If possible also mark out the fixed areas that would be better for understanding. You can upload any format files with detailed instructions and our expert team will get in touch with you within one hour.