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Background Removal Service

Are you searching for a professional background removal service provider? Or, are you want to change your current image background removal service provider? It is indeed almost difficult to find an online background removing service provider at first glance. With the experience of 8 years of photo editing professionally, cut out expert offers high-quality, satisfaction guaranteed remove bg online service.

In today, shoppers prefer to buy from e-commerce website. And visually attractive product catalog are the king for increasing sells in online. To make a visually attractive product, you need to take the help of advanced editing like a photo frame, color correction, brightness and contrast, exposure, photo retouching, product background enhancement etc.

Whether you’re an e-commerce site owner or a professional photographer, an image background removal services may help both. We have a skilled product background remove team who works only for photo cut out service.

What Is Image Background Removal?

Usually, photo background removal is a process of cut out image subject from its original background color. Sometimes, an unwanted object is added with photographs while capturing photos.

And, in e-commerce stores, business owners need to upload white or colored background product photos. So, they need to remove the background of the photos.

With the help adobe photoshop, expert photo editors can easily cut background out of the picture. But, it is time consuming works and for bringing great result you need to be a professional photo editor.

However, it is always better to take help from a professional background removing service company like Cut Out Expert for photo background removal.

We know very well; how to make images more attractive removing the background from image. Finally, you will get a clean and attractive image that will draw buyer’s attention easily.


  • I'm extremely impressed by the turnover speed and quality of the work. I've been let down by so many editors over the years because I am a photo editor/photographer as well, so my expectations are higher than most. Very grateful to have found you!
    Weston Boucher | United States
  • Really great work. First time I've used their service and could not be more pleased. Had a large last-minute project come through and the turnaround was less than 24 hours and the images looked great. Will definitely be using it again.
    Rux Creative | United Kingdom
  • I had a very urgent need for Background removals and was very pleased, to receive a great work in a short time.
    Palindrom GmbH | Switzerland

Categories of background Removal Services

Although we remove the background from images, the requirements aren't exact for all clients. Some clients need to remove the original background and replace it with white background. Especially, eCommerce stores need this; but some clients want advanced editing. Below, we discussed our categories of background removal services

White/colored background

A white background image is vital for an e-commerce store. It helps to see the product details at the edge level. So, buyers get motivated, and the chances of selling the product increase. Almost all online marketplaces have product uploading guidelines such as don't upload raw images, only white background images etc. Moreover, if you think about branding with product selling, then the colored background will be helpful. With the matching of the logo, you may showcase the product category page also. We help with creating both white and colored background images.


Background Replacement

Sometimes due to un heaven reasons, you may not capture your desired photo shoot. Undesired background may add to the picture or add new elements to make the image perfect. We know that it is an uncontrollable situation. But, we may help you fulfilling your desire by background replacement service. In these cases, we will add new elements or completely new backgrounds depending on your wishes.

Background Transparent

When you want to use photos in offline activities or something else, you may need transparent background images. On the website, you need to upload a transparent logo for matching colors with every page of websites. Moreover, for t-shirt, letterheads, videos businesses, you may often need transparent images. The benefit of creating transparency is having the opportunity of using multi-background in a single image. Our team will provide you transparent image at your budget.

Background Blurring

Sometimes background focuses more than original objects. Due to the lightning effect or some other critical issues, it may happen. However, if you don't want to cut out image background and wish to highlight the foreground image only, it is possible. Our team will blur the background of your photos so that objects will be highlighted.

Advanced Background Editing

In some cases, your photo shoot may contain irrelevant shadows, exposure, color, and contrast issues, making your images dark looking. It is an unexpected situation for photographers. Due to camera settings, or the lightning effect, or something else, it may occur. Don't worry; if this happens with your photography. Our photo background removal expert team will fix all the issues and makes your photography a radiant look.

Background Merging

In some cases, your photo shot may contain irrelevant shadows, exposure, color, and contrast issues, making your images dark looking. It is an unexpected situation for photographers. Due to camera settings, or the lightning effect, or something else, it may occur. Don't worry; if this happens with your photography. Our background removal expert team will fix all the issues and makes your photography a radiant look.

Who Needs Background Removal Service

Every photographer may need cut out image background service. Because it is widespread to add unnecessary objects with photographs while capturing product photography. However, the primary beneficiary of the photo background remove service will get the e-commerce sites.

As, they need to upload product images randomly, maintaining all requirements. However, remove products background maintaining quality in each photo is difficult task. Only reliable eCommerce image editing Company may do it correctly. 

They always try to focus on ecommerce product image rather than the background. Moreover, they know how to highlight a product view and draw buyer's attraction to the product placing it in the proper area. Fortunately, our team members know it very well.

  • E-commerce Business Owner
  • Media/Agency
  • Online Retailers
  • Product Photographer.
  • Fashion Photography.
  • Advertiser
  • Magazine publisher
  • Catalog designer.
  • Web Developer
  • Printing Industries

Why should you need to outsource background removal services?

For many reasons, you may need to outsource background removal services. From our experience in photo editing, we found some necessity of photo background removal in the below cases.

1.To meet marketplace requirements.

Top eCommerce platform forms like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay has special requirements and guidelines for uploading product photos in their marketplace. From them, uploading white or colored background product photos is a widespread matter. So, if you delete your original photo's background, it will be easy to meet their requirements.

2.Remove Distractions from photos.

Sometimes after taking all preparations, unwanted objects can be added with photos. Nobody likes it. Especially, eCommerce store owners always want to show clean and attractive product photos. And for this, they need to fix shadows, unwanted object, and pop-up issues.

 3. Reduce File size

For a better user experience, website owners always try their best using image compression services. In maximum cases, original camera photos have heavy file size; it may create website loading issues. Removing image background and placing white background help to reduce file size. Ultimately, it will load the site faster and give a better user experience.

 4. Replace the original background with other

Whenever you wish to replace your photo's original background with a completely new background, an image background removal services would be your best choice.

For making an image more eye-catching, we often adjust the object with a completely new background by deleting the original one. 

Why You Should Use Image Background Removal Services
  • To draw attention to your objects
  • When the background contains unnecessary elements
  • Using a standard backdrop on large images of jewelry
  • Replacing things with another background
  • If you need a transparent image.
  • Use a formal background on pictures of bulk jewelry
  • In fall realistic shadow making services
  • Adjustment of the e-commerce product photo guidelines
  • Removing artifacts in photographs
  • 3D product images
  • Creating a mirror/reflection effect
  • To create a perfect image mask
  • Building a dream mannequin of your goods
  • 3D modeled and designed product

Methods We Use For Image Background Removal

There are lots of ways for image background removal. Some photo editors apply shortcut ways for the photo background removal process. But, it doesn't bring great results. We use clipping path and photoshop masking for photos background removal.

Sometimes our photo background removal experts mix both of these strategies in a single image for removing a background. Below, we will discuss our methods of removing background.

Clipping Path

We primarily use the clipping path technique also known as deep etching to cut out image background. With the help of the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, we bring a flawless output.

At first, we draw a vector line around the edges of the objects. After completing the drawings, we cut out image background.

Usually, we applied hand-drawn clipping path technique for hard edges objects such as watches, building gates, or mannequins.

To better understand our clipping path service, we categorize it into six parts - simple clipping path, basic, Medium, multiple, complex clipping path and super-complex path.

Photo Masking

Photoshop image masking is an excellent technique for removing a background from images when clipping path techniques don't bring great results. When an image contains soft, rough, and small edges, path methods don't work at all. In these cases, expert editors use pen tablets for background elimination.

If the image combines with hard and soft edges, editors use the pen tablet to select the smooth edge and the pen tool in photoshop for the hard edge. With the combination of tools, we revealed the background from pictures and deleted it.

Many images have complex shapes, including curves and turns, blurred or furry edges in which image masking method are inevitable for removing backgrounds from images. You can use animal fur or human hair as an example.

Moreover, Feather, blanket, smoke and flame, lighting, muslin, glass, etc., can be great examples of photo masking.

Generally, we use different types of image masking method depending on the requirements of each image. However, many approaches can be used to clean images. These include layer masking and alpha channel masking, fur or hair masking, clipping mask, transparent masking, translucent masking and refine edge masking, etc.

How we measure the difficulties of our background removal services.

Image background removal is a time-consuming task. Lots of effort needs to make it more attractive. Depending on image complexity, we measure our service difficulties and pricing. Let's talk about our background removal service measurements.

Easy Photo Background Removal

We consider it easy photo background removal if your image contains one single hole or no holes and straight curves. It is very straightforward, and very few times need to complete removing a background. For example, egg, wallet, etc.

Medium Background Removal

These images have multi holes and few curves; it takes time longer than basic shaped objects. Although it has more holes and needs more anchor points, it doesn't need too much time. We consider it a medium photo background removal service. For example, bags, bracelets, t-shirt.

Advanced background Removal

Some images have lots of holes and curves. Moreover, photos may have a hard edge and a soft edge both. These types of images need to apply both photo clipping and photoshop masking techniques for image background removal. However, these types of images need more time for removing a background. So, we consider it advanced photo background removal. For example, model image.

Our Background Removing Services Editing Process


Send us your files and requirements, We will get back to you within 30 minutes with you cost and delivery time.

2. Working & Editing

After your green light to move forward with your project, We will edit your all files according to your requirments.

3. Deliver & PAYMENT

After final editing we will deliver with the required file format. If you are satisfy then approved my payment. If any changes needed, will be done.

Online Photo Background Removal For Fashion Industry

Cut Out Expert's background remove service is an excellent offer for the Online fashion houses. We stay up-to-date with technology the latest fashion house images trends. Our skilled photo background removal team edits each model photo's background by clipping path and masking.

Moreover, our portrait retouching team also do retouching of portraits like remove dust and fix wrinkles, stray hairs, adjust the color scheme. We know that edited photo will be used in magazines and online portfolios. So, For the image perfect look, we add a light shadow on the pictures.

Our Editing service for the Online Fashion photos:

  • Unwanted Background Removal/Replacement
  • Resize, Cropping and Borders Fixing
  • Shadow creation natural, drop, or reflection
  • Remove dust, spots, and wrinkles
  • Invisible Mannequin
  • Real shape photos
  • Color Correction

Product Image Background Removal For eCommerce Stores

An attractive product image can increase sales in any eCommerce stores. Today, due to lots of reasons, shoppers prefer to buy the product in online. In this process, they only see the visuals of the product and place an order. So, with others specifications of a product, an attractive image plays a vital role in selling it online.

Whether it is your own e-commerce store or selling it on popular eCommerce platforms like amazon, eBay, etc., you need to upload visually attractive images. A white background is an excellent solution because the product image can be highlighted with white background.

However, you may use white background or colored background; product image background removal is the most needed. We will give your product image an artistic look that will positively impact the buyer's mind.

Our eCommerce photo editing services includes:

  • Unwanted Background Removal/Replacement
  • Resize, Cropping and Borders Fixing
  • Shadow services.
  • Remove dust, spots, and wrinkles
  • Invisible Mannequin
  • Color Correction
  • 24-48 hour turnaround

Image Cut Out Service for Media/Agency

We know an agency has tremendous pressure on photo editing. They need to deliver perfectly edited images to their clients timely. Within a short time, it is difficult to edit pictures correctly. We love to handle your pressure.

With many years of photo editing experience, we worked with some big photography agencies. They are delighted with our works and we also clearly know about an agency's demand. So, we are confident to provide a satisfaction guaranteed service.

Our image cut out service includes:

  • White/colored background product images
  • Fixing borders
  • Image placements
  • Photo resizing or cropping and cleaning
  • Invisible mannequin
  • Adding a shadow effect
  • Color correction and more..

Image Cut Out Service for Small Entrepreneurs

Small entrepreneurs always face some problems while starting an online business. As they don't have bulk images at the starting point, they can't hire a professional photo editing team for their project.

Moreover, they need to maintain product guidelines for uploading product image at own stores or eCommerce platforms. Don't worry. We can understand the pain and are always ready to help small entrepreneurs.

Our team values each client equally. We will edit your photos to meet online platforms requirements. Also, your product image will be able to draw buyer's attention.

Our small entrepreneur's background remove service includes;

  • White/colored background product images
  • Fixing borders
  • Image placements
  • Photo resizing or cropping and cleaning
  • Invisible mannequin
  • Shadow effect natural, drop or reflection.


How Can You Remove a Background


Of course, you can remove a background of an image by yourself. For doing this, you need photo editing software which may be free or paid. For example, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, etc. At first, you need to know how to take background out of picture with this software. Then, apply it to your image.

If you want to learn how to remove background very easily then you will get many tutorial videos on YouTube, And also if you learn photoshop basic editing then you can remove background very easily on professionally.

In House

If you think it may be difficult for you to complete the task, you may do it in-house. For this, you need to pay your employee on a monthly basis. And, it is a big problem. Because photography editing is a seasonal job, you may not have the job all year round. So, it will be costly for you maintaining employee costs monthly basis.

Actually it's depend on your needs, If you have regular basis projects or tasks then you can manage it in house according to your needs.

Freelancing marketplace

It could be an excellent instant solution for removing photo background. In the marketplace, you will find lots of professional image background removal service providers. A maximum of them is highly skilled at their work and able to deliver high-quality work. But, you need to pay some extra with the service cost. Sometimes, it may charge more.

So, it couldn't be the perfect solution. However, you may use the marketplace until you find a professional photo editing company.

Professional photo editing company

In today due to the increasing demand for photo editing; many photo editing companies are founded to provide the service. They have an outstanding editing team and are able to do the work under pressure. The benefit of using a professional service company is saving extra cost. Yes, you could find the same service in the freelancing marketplace without paying more. So, it will always be better to find a professional photo editing company for background removal service.

Discount for Bulk Background Removing Services Order

15% OFF

This discount will apply who order from 50-300 product images per day.

30% OFF

This discount for all E-commerce photo editing services during a month who orders from 300-1000 product images per day.

40% OFF

This discount for all E-commerce photo editing service during a month who orders from 1000-5000 product images per day.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.

It’s very easy to start using our online photo background removal service

You can do it by upload your images via Wetransfer or Dropbox, And Fill out the form to send us your contact information, We will be back within 30 minutes with the best quotes for your projects.


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How to Choose the Best Background Removal Service Provider.

Before hiring any professional image background removal company, you need to understand your core needs. To do this, start by creating an essential checklist of all the edits you need. This will give you the ability to prioritize the same service you want and need. The best service will provide you with several different options.

However, how can you identify them? There are lots of ways to identify the best image background removal service provider. Below, we are talking about some practical ways of finding the best photo background removal service provider.

Quality of background remove

The quality of image background removal is paramount. Every image background removal service provider showcases their previous work samples on their website. So, you need to visit their website and see their portfolio sections carefully. If you found that their services match your demands, you can hire them for your project.

Again, after satisfying seeing their samples, please don't send them files directly. Because you will find many good service providers; so build a shortlist first. After that, send each shortlisted person one or two demo files among your project files. Then, wait to see their response time and quality of work.

Finally, select your photo background removal service partner among them. Moreover, it will satisfy you that you will get a high-quality image background removal services provider.

Quick Turnaround Time

Finding a quick turnaround time maintaining service provider will help you to receive your project timely. So, it would be best if you kept the focus on this point also.

Professional image cut out service providers never delays completing their service. Usually, it would be best if you chose a service provider who can deliver within 12-24 hours. Sometimes, they can deliver 12-48 hours. It may save time. Also, you may concentrate on your other projects.

Customer Support

After sending the files, you may need to change some instructions of works. Also, after receiving files, you may need to re-correct some images. It is a common scenario in photo editing. For every case, you need to contact the service provider.

If your service provider delays in responding to your message, it may badly impact your projects. Because customer support is the primary way of communication with the service provider, if you find ignorance, it means they don't respect clients and its necessity. You should avoid them and focus on finding a more professional photo editing company who offers 24 hour customer support.

Service Cost

Money plays a vital role in our everyday life. Who doesn't want to save money? It is always better in business; finding excellent service at a reasonable rate. Here, it would be best if you avoided very low and high pricing.


Okay, a very low pricing service provider often delivers poor edited quality. Most often, you need to re-correct these types of editing.

Moreover, high pricing may badly impact your profit margin. So, always try to find a professional photo editing team who delivers satisfactory service at an affordable price. It may help you gain profit from the business.

Image background removal service

Why Cut Out Expert For Photo Background Removal Service

Cut Out Expert is a professional photo editing company founded by three highly skilled photo editors. After launching the company, we served many big photography agencies, eCommerce stores with satisfaction. With other photo editing services, we offer photo background removal services also. Below, I am telling you why you should check out cut out Expert's image background removal services.

  • We maintain the quality of every single image.
  • Our editors are professional, and all of them are highly skilled.
  • Reasonable price
  • Fastest delivery. Strictly maintaining deadlines.
  • Ensures 24/7 customer support.
  • The bulk order processing capability
  • 100% manually edited. We don't use any automated software.

We have never broken our promises still now and are highly confident about our service. For each new client, we offer some free image background removal services at first. If you're one of our new clients, try our cost-free service. Hopefully, it will help you to judge our quality of work.

Send us your images to get accurate prices with some examples of the style you are looking for. If possible also mark out the fixed areas that would be better for understanding. You can upload any format files with detailed instructions and our expert team will get in touch with you within one hour.