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Best shadow creation service

Creating a shadow effect for images can be a great way to make them visually appealing. Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating shadows for photos.  If you're looking to create an eye-catching image, consider using a shadow creation service. Such services can help you create realistic and professional-looking shadows for your photos.

If you're an expert in adobe photoshop or other photo editing software, you can add shadow effects to your photos. On the contrary, it may ruin your business if you can't do it correctly. So, the best solution would be to outsource it from professional photo editors, especially when you're a busy photographer or run an online shopping store.

Making a product photo more stunning should be the target of online retailers. And, adding shadow effect can make your photos stunning along with other eCommerce image editing necessities. Here, we come to lessen your stress by providing a professional shadow creation service. 

Get Professional Shadow Creation Services At affordable pricing


Look no further than Cut Out Expert when you need professional shadow creation services. You can trust our team of experts with any size project at low prices. We guarantee satisfaction and will work tirelessly until your client is satisfied. 


We apply multiple photo editing skills to your photos at the time, creating a shadow effect. Firstly, Our team will remove the background from your photos. For doing this, we apply photo clipping and image masking techniques depending on the photo's demand.

In addition, we remove the spot, blemish, and clean the images applying photo retouching techniques. Moreover, we also take care of the colors of your photos. If photographs are needed, we try to bring out the best colors of the images as we also specialize in photo color correction. 


We know the importance of keeping it more natural. People don't like anything that looks artificially created. Therefore, we always make final images that outlooks will be more realistic.


You will get all the services at your budget-friendly. We are a professional outsourcing photo editing company that combines 100+ photo editing experts. For any queries, you may contact us today. 


What Is a Photoshop Shadow Effect?

Photoshop shadow effects create realistic shadows for text or images and add dimension and visual interest to your projects. There are a variety of shadow effects available in Photoshop, so you can choose the right one for your project.

In today's digital age, image manipulation is more popular than ever. With tools like Photoshop, it's easy to create stunning visual effects that can make your images look amazing. And, one of the most popular effects is the shadow effect.


  • I'm extremely impressed by the turnover speed and quality of the work. I've been let down by so many editors over the years because I am a photo editor/photographer as well, so my expectations are higher than most. Very grateful to have found you!
    Weston Boucher | United States
  • Really great work. First time I've used their service and could not be more pleased. Had a large last-minute project come through and the turnaround was less than 24 hours and the images looked great. Will definitely be using it again.
    Rux Creative | United Kingdom
  • I had a very urgent need for Background removals and was very pleased, to receive a great work in a short time.
    Palindrom GmbH | Switzerland

When do you need Shadow Creation Services?

Shadow creation services can create realistic shadows for your product or scene. They are perfect for creating an accurate sense of depth and reality in your work. If you want to add realism to your project, you may need shadow creation services.

In addition, Shadow creation services are often needed in any situation where an individual or business needs to create a realistic three-dimensional representation of their product.

Today, you need to display attractive product images that may affect the consumer's mind. So, along with other product photo editing techniques, you need to add shadows to the pictures. Expert editors can make the images more attractive and quickly draw buyers' attention

Types of Photoshop shadow creation service we provide

When it comes to creating shadows in Photoshop, various types of shadows can be used. Depending on the effect you're trying to achieve, one approach may work better than another. Below, we'll take a look at the various types of shadow creation services we offer and explain how each one works.

Natural Shadow Creation

Natural shadow is an essential aspect of photography that can create excellent compositions and moods in your work. By default, each photograph contains its natural shadow when capturing the shoot. But, shadows can be removed from the photos at the time of photo post-processing or some other issues. We can retain the existing shadows of your picture by implementing a natural shadow effect. Finally, it will look very natural.

Drop Shadow Creation

Drop shadows are an excellent way to add depth and dimension to your designs. They can make elements on your page look like they're floating and help text and other elements stand out from the background. It is essential for an eCommerce business . Some product images may look very dull by their nature, but by adding shadows, yon make them lifelike photos. So, consumers will feel great while seeing the product image in your online store.

Reflections Shadow Creation

Reflections shadows will help create a mirror effect at the bottom of your product images. It is essential to sell a product like jewelry, showpieces, plastic bottles, sunglasses, ceramic products, medical products, and more. You can make your product images visually appealing by creating a mirror effect.

Retain Original Shadow

After having all preparation, photographers may not capture the original shadows of photos correctly. It may occur due to many issues like bad lighting, camera settings, presentations, and other issues. We know it is an embarrassing situation for them. That's why we come with a solution for them. Our editing team will retain original shadows of pictures applying their skills, and make your images appealing.

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After final editing we will deliver with the required file format. If you are satisfy then approved my payment. If any changes needed, will be done.

Benefits of Photoshop Shadow Creation Service

There are many benefits to using a shadow creation service in Photoshop. Some of the most notable benefits include:

Increased realism:

Shadows play a vital role in increasing the realism of an image. The image can appear flat and unnatural when shadows are not correctly rendered. A good shadow creation service will ensure that your shadows look natural, which will increase the overall realism of your image.

More control over effects:

Shadows are a great way to draw attention or highlight an object in an image. For this reason, many photographers prefer using shadows created by service rather than using their hand-drawn shadows, as it gives them more control over how they want their image to look.

Faster workflow:

Shadows created by a service are generally far effortless to create than shadows that are hand-drawn, which means that you can complete your entire project much more quickly. In addition, it will allow you to start on your next project sooner and increase the number of work projects per week, maximizing your productivity.

Professional results:

When you use a professional service, you are guaranteed the highest quality shadows that look natural and realistic in your images. In addition, it will ensure that your pictures have a professional appearance.

Bulk Discount for Permanent Customer

15% OFF

This discount will apply who order from 50-300 product pictures per 1 order.

30% OFF

This discount for all E-commerce photo editing services during a month who orders from 300-1000 product pictures per 1 order.

40% OFF

This discount for all E-commerce photo editing service during a month who orders from 1000-5000 product pictures per 1 order.

3 Things to follow while creating shadow:

Accurate proportion: For creating a nice looking shadow you need to maintain a balance between the object and the shadow. Otherwise, it will look odd. So, it is essential to keep the balance right between your shadow and the object.

Right Direction: Inspect the light source, from where the light is coming? Based on it, put the shadow in the right direction. Otherwise, it will not look natural.

Right Opacity: Don’t make the shadow too dark or too light. Just try to put the shadow in natural form. Especially, when you are making a reflection shadow, put a special knowledge on Shadow opacity. Remember; don’t set the too high opacity for reflection shadow that makes your viewers confused.

outsource Photoshop Shadow Service from experts

When you're looking to create a Photoshop shadow effect for your project, it's essential to find the right image editing service provider. Outsourcing your photoshop shadow work is a great option! There are many places where you can find talented professionals who can create realistic shadows for your images.

Cut Out Expert is one of them who can ensure the best quality service. We have been providing professional shadow creation service for over 10 years. In addition, we have experience with working with some well-reputed online retailers.

You can achieve your desired result very quickly at affordable pricing. Generally, we deliver our photo editing projects within 24 hours. Moreover, you will be in our touch during the post-processing of your projects. It will lessen your stress and ensure getting the best result without revisions.


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